Find your Purpose in a Cluttered World: The 1-hour Guide

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Are you searching for more Purpose and Meaning in Life?Or perhaps your searching for your Life Purpose?Finding more Purpose - or your true Life Purpose - is becoming a big concern for many people.In years gone past, it was generally enough just to get a job with a decent salary, find a partner, start a family and have some interesting hobbies.But now people want more. People want to experience a sense of purpose.They want more meaning in their life so that when the final credits come up on their internal screen they can at least say its all been worth it.And sometimes people even want to find their one true life purpose: the single thing that theyre meant to do, create, or achieve in life.And why shouldnt they?After all, we only get one shot at life so we might as well do everything we can to make the most of it.In Find your Purpose in a Cluttered World: The 1-hour Guide International Bestselling course creator Steven Burns will take you through a crash-course in finding purpose. In it, he'll be covering the following:A step-by-step process for finding more purpose in life.What it really means to live a more purposeful life.How to tap into your inner intuition & discover your deepest passions & desires.How to uncover the aspects of life that will resonate with you the most.How to use a journal to discover more purpose & meaning.How to combine both your intuition & cognition to create goals that fit.How to live a purpose-driven life that's rich with meaning.By the end of this 1-hour course, you'll have a clear framework you can use to connect with your passions, desires & the aspects of life that make it more purposeful & meaningful.Join Steven on this purpose-driven journey by enrolling today

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